About Etheric Jewelry

Hi there!

Etheric Jewelry was established in 2020. We have always felt (and been…) different and have had trouble buying things that resonate with who really  we are.

Buying jewelry we loved and that reflected our essence was nearly impossible. The only time we could find jewelry that we really liked was on vacation, at small local boutiques.

We loved the handcrafted and one-of-a-kind jewelry we bought from those boutiques because it had unique gemstones and engravings, but the prices were outrageous! 

The lack of availability for detailed, high-quality jewelry at an affordable price always made us feel like we were being too picky or wanted too much. 

We decided to start Etheric Jewelry to provide people with jewelry that was beautiful and priced reasonably. Finding affordable jewelry that fits you to a T and isn’t exactly what everyone else is wearing shouldn’t be impossible. 

Etheric Jewelry accents your beauty and amplifies who you are.